Flora Saxby Psychotherapy in Hammersmith, West London

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Counselling and Psychotherapy in Hammersmith, West London

A Safe place.....

To acknowledge and release your difficult emotions and pain,
To grieve a loss,
To recover from trauma,
To recognise patterns of thinking and defences which may not be serving you well,
To find yourself or become "unstuck",
To get to know, connect with and find greater kindness towards your younger self/the emotional part of you,
To learn how to listen to the messages that your body is giving you,
To rediscover hope,
To grow and find the path again.......

I work with people who have experienced or are struggling with anxiety, depression, panic attacks, stress, self esteem, bereavement or loss of any kind - especially the death of a baby or a child, health issues, pregnancy related issues, traumatic birth stories, relationship difficulties, parenting struggles, spirituality, addiction, sexuality, self-harm, trauma, sexual abuse.

I specialise in processing and releasing difficult emotions and trauma responses from the body, using EMDR and other techniques.
I work face to face and online.

My practice is in Hammersmith Grove (6 minute walk from Hammersmith tube) West London. W6

Here is some feedback from Clodagh, who was 74 when we met and had struggled with unresolved pain almost all her life.

"It was an act of hope over experience when I first went to talk to Flora. I had been searching for 6 months for someone who would listen without judging. At the end of that first meeting I had a very strong feeling that I was heard. We agreed a plan, and I left with a strong feeling that I was being held, knowing I had met a therapist I would trust.
Over the next months I began to lift my inner darkness up towards the distant light, centimetre by centimetre. There were stormy seas. I didn't always see the big waves coming. They swamped me. I hung on, terrified. I was being held. Eventually the storms began to settle and I let peace and calmness into my life. Flora taught me about mindfulness, and I use it every day.
Ten months later I feel I am strong enough to move on. Thank you Flora, for your strength and wisdom, patience and honesty, and your good humour and kindness. You gave me back my life."

And from another client, Aine.

I saw Flora for EMDR therapy following the loss of my two sons due to TFMR (termination for medical reasons). I can honestly say that it has been life changing. Flora is compassionate, warm and caring, and provided a safe space to support me through processing my trauma. Flora has really helped me to feel a sense of joy again after so much heartbreak and trauma, and I am eternally grateful to her.

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