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I worked as a Nurse for over 20 years, and for most of this time I specialised in early pregnancy and gynaecology.

Through both my nursing and counselling I have come to understand the trauma and devastation of a pregnancy loss, and have supported many women and their partners through this (both heterosexual and same sex relationships).

I have seen the life shattering effects of a stillborn baby, and the extreme anxiety that can be present in a subsequent pregnancy.

I know that the pain in early loss is often hidden and faced alone as there are concerns and fears about discussing it in friendship and work networks.

I understand about the cycle of hope and despair that comes with recurrent pregnancy loss and the truly difficult process of deciding whether to keep hoping or to stop trying.

I have an understanding of the pain and trauma that can surface in the process of trying to decide about, going through and trying to work out which way is up after a termination for medical reasons, and how this can be such a lonely place.

I have supported many people who are facing the possibility or reality of not being able to have children of their own, as they try to process and understand the implications of this loss for the rest of their lives. Often then they begin the journey of considering other options which is a challenging and potentially life giving process.

I know how life can be such a struggle after a traumatic birth, and how adjusting to parenthood is not necessarily straightforward.

There is often a strain on a relationship during and after any of these experiences as each partner grieves differently.

Often our response to a struggle in conceiving or a loss can be affected by past experiences.

Sometimes it can feel too overwhelming.

I offer a space for couples or individuals to express the pain, sadness, anxiety and frustration and to process the trauma.
To walk with you on this difficult journey.

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