Flora Saxby Psychotherapy in Hammersmith, West London

"The programme of therapy that Flora expertly guided me through has been nothing short of transformative for me. We worked on processing childhood and adult trauma using EMDR techniques, and using an Internal Family Systems (IFS) framework to give me more clarity on how I relate to myself. As a result of working with Flora, I have found a degree of balance, self-awareness, and contentment that I have not previously experienced, nor thought possible for me. I have learned to be more compassionate - both to myself and to those around me - and I have experienced a marked improvement in the quality of the relationships I have with those in my life. Most significantly, the guidance of Flora has helped to teach me techniques that I can apply on my own, so that I am now in position to deal more effectively with emotional flare-ups and triggers. I cannot overstate how grateful I am for the considerable time, effort and support Flora has given me."
David, 2023.


"Firstly, I need you to know how much seeing you over the three year period and having EMDR changed my life! I genuinely believe that if I had not of had EMDR and therapy with you, this past year I would have really well and truly struggled. The things that have happened over the past year have been really significant and I have been able to properly process my emotions and not dissociate from them. I now know its okay to cry, and let my body feel its emotions and express itself how it needs to, and also recognise what my body needs. You helped me be able to do that and I will be forever grateful."     Rachel, 2023

"I saw Flora for EMDR therapy following the loss of my two sons due to TFMR (termination for medical reasons). I can honestly say that it has been life changing. Flora is compassionate, warm and caring, and provided a safe space to support me through processing my trauma. Flora has really helped me to feel a sense of joy again after so much heartbreak and trauma, and I am eternally grateful to her."    Aine, 2022

"It was an act of hope over experience when I first went to talk to Flora. I had been searching for 6 months for someone who would listen without judging. At the end of that first meeting I had a very strong feeling that I was heard. We agreed a plan, and I left with a strong feeling that I was being held, knowing I had met a therapist I would trust.
Over the next months I began to lift my inner darkness up towards the distant light, centimetre by centimetre. There were stormy seas. I didn't always see the big waves coming. They swamped me. I hung on, terrified. I was being held. Eventually the storms began to settle and I let peace and calmness into my life. Flora taught me about mindfulness, and I use it every day.
Ten months later I feel I am strong enough to move on. Thank you Flora, for your strength and wisdom, patience and honesty, and your good humour and kindness. You gave me back my life."     Clodagh 2012



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